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Our Story - Why Oraculix ?

Phillips School of Nursing Graduation
Phillips School of Nursing Graduation
Phillips School of Nursing Graduation

  In 2022, three exceptional students—Andy, Paola, and Sarin—graduated from the rigorous 15-month accelerated nursing program at the Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai in New York City. Coming from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, they found common ground through their shared love for nursing, commitment to academic excellence, and a deep desire to help others.


Graduating at the top of their class and securing positions in prestigious nursing residencies within the Mount Sinai Health System, Andy, Paola, and Sarin embarked on their independent nursing careers, practicing at the highest levels of their profession. Andy, with his wealth of tutoring experience and unwavering passion for teaching, excelled in his nursing studies. Analyzing the demand,  Andy began contemplating a larger-scale platform to provide academic support to nursing students. Sarin, known for her compassionate nature and exceptional clinical skills, shared Andy's vision. Meanwhile, Paola, an empathetic and multicultural student, had always been driven by her passion for fostering diversity and inclusion. As the valedictorian of her class, Paola enthusiastically joined the team, further enhancing their collective knowledge and skills. 


United by their shared vision, Andy, Sarin, and Paola set out to establish a tutoring company that would revolutionize the way nursing students received academic support. They named their venture "Oraculix," symbolizing their commitment to nurturing each student's unique potential and helping them excel in their nursing journey.


(Oraculi means Mentorship in Latin, X for experience)


Since its inception, Oraculix has quickly gained recognition as a leader in nursing education support. Specializing in comprehensive preparation for pre-entry nursing exams, nursing courses and the NCLEX. 

With a team of experienced nursing educators, Oraculix offers personalized tutoring services tailored to the needs of students matriculated in both LPN and RN programs. Whether students require assistance with foundational concepts or advanced coursework, Oraculix provides expert guidance to help them succeed.

With a commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusion, Oraculix continues to empower nursing students from all backgrounds to achieve their goals and make a difference in the healthcare field.

Meet the Team

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